EMPWR Active is the perfect clothing wear for the busy woman juggling life, friends and fitness whilst looking hot and feeling powerful.    

We all know we should go to the gym regularly. Live healthier, look better, be better - these are lofty goals. But let’s face it - we don’t always do it, sometimes life just gets in the way. And that’s ok. At EMPWR we get you, we don’t judge, we just support you whether you are looking to get back in the gym after a hiatus or you are chasing a new PB while looking great doing it. We got you covered!

Imagine having the perfect clothes regardless of whether you’re hitting squats, going for yoga, running errands or going on a date. We got your back.

This is how:  

Fit - ever wonder how others at the gym can look so sexy? Our clothes are designed to complement your body shape to give you a confident start 

Feel - to ensure comfort during your workout, our products are created using fabrics based on the latest technology, which draw moisture away from your skin and feel incredibly comfortable at the same time 

Functionality - don’t let looks fool you, optimum performance is at the heart of what we do. Our compression wear will bring out your best whether you are going running or crossfit, without ever looking like a pure ’sports wear’     

Fashion - finally, when you’re done with your session, our funky street and dress wear will help you look your stunning best  

Try our range now and join the movement!